Remote Viewing Handbook / Textbook

The Remote Viewing Handbook „Working Manual of the Information-Research-Technique – From Practice for Practice“ is the practical companion (handbook, textbook, instructions) for all Online Courses at the Remote Viewing College (R.V.C). On more than 220 A4 pages all necessary instructions to learn Remote Viewing are available in word and picture.

Of course, the handbook is not only suitable for right-handers, but also for left-handers and for left-handers who write in mirror writing


Chapter overview of the Handbook / Textbook:


    1. Personal notes
    2. The training to become a Remote Viewer
    3. Short summary
    4. Introduction
    5. Theory
    6. Flow of Information
    7. Structure
    8. Gestalts of the Archetypes
    9. StageI incl. vocabulary for sensory impressions (SI)
    10. Stage II incl. vocabulary for sensory impressions (SII)
    11. StageIII (SIII)
    12. Stage IV incl. vocabulary for sensory impressions (SIV)
    13. Stage V (SV)
    14. Stage VI (SVI)
    15. Tool description Stage VI
    16. Flagbook
    17. Site Template (ST)
    18. Summary (S)
    19. Analysis (AL)
    20. Process description SI to SIV, ST, S, AL (incl. three cheat-sheets: SI to SIV, SI to SV and SI to SVI)
    21. Evaluation and feedback
    22. Tools and realizations
    23. BackOffice
    24. Procedure of qualifications
    25. Principles „The way of the (Deal) Viewers“
    26. Improvement suggestions
    27. Contact



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